To Give Hope Wings- Guest Post by Katie Ganshert

Posted by on September 13, 2013


I’m a writer, which means there is often an excess of words in my brain. Every now and then, though, the words go away. Something fills my heart with so much gratitude and awe and joy that words are no longer adequate.

Today is one of those days.

Thank you is not enough, but thank you is all I have.

So thank you Kelli Standish, a woman of valor if ever there was a woman of valor. For not letting me return that ticket when I didn’t know what else to do. For saying, “We do not give up when things get disappointing and annoying. We get militant and we fight harder!” For taking the bull by the horns and launching a flash mob for our donation account.

And thank YOU, a whole village of prayer warriors and fighters! For sharing Kelli’s post and donating money and praying for our precious daughter.

You stood in the gap. You held up our hands when we were too weary and heartsick to keep going.

And in a matter of TWO days, you raised $2600. Two-thousand six hundred dollars!

Add an unexpected $1000 matching grant from Lifesong, our adoption fundraising agency, to that total, and not only will your donations pay for my plane ticket, they will also pay for the medical bill we got for Baby S’s malaria, and also some of the money we need for our final trip to pick her up, too.

katieganshertIt’s moments like this that make me want to shout from the rooftops, “Look, world! Are you watching? Are you seeing this? Look at what His Church can do!” To Him be the glory.

We are humbled.
We are overwhelmed.
We are grateful.
Thank you, from the very bottom of our hearts.

You have enabled me to say, “I am coming, baby girl. Hold on tight, Mommy is coming!”

With love & thanks,
Katie Ganshert (and family)

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    5 Responses to To Give Hope Wings- Guest Post by Katie Ganshert

    1. Amanda Dykes

      Love this. Love this .Everything about this! Filled to the brim with joy for your family, Katie!

    2. susan nelson

      Okay need a tissue now! I am filled with joy for you and your family!

    3. Lane Hill House

      So happy to hear this over the top!! Our God reigns!! Kathleen B.

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